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+++++++++++++++++---I LUV THESE APPLE PIES---++++++++++++++++

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★~Artists' Styles I Admire~★
♥~My Luvs~♥
:pie: and of course my watchers too! :pie:
(Please don't feel offended if you're not on here! I luv you all! ♥ )

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Pink Ask by YuikoHeartless

Q: Do you take requests?
:email: I use to and I regret it! So please do not ask me again because it will always be a NO.
Q: Do you take Commissions/Art Trades/Callabs?
:email:Commissions: I would love to! Unfortunately I do not have the time, however I just might open randomly (Points & Paypal)
AT: Only with close friends or with artists who's skills are up to my level. Sorry but I'm tired of doing trades where I work hard on my half and in return I get crappy sketches :/
Callabs: Only when I'm in the mood for one c:
Q: What type of software and tablet do you use for your art?
:email: All I use is just Paint Tool SAI and a Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Q: Can we be friends?
:email: You see, friendship does NOT work that way for me. We must talk to each other frequently or something to earn it. ^o^
Q: Want to join my group?
:email: Gee, this one is really tough for me because I sometimes feel bad when I decline invitations ;u; I am currently not accepting anymore join requests because I have joined a lot and not really active on them. I have left a lot of groups because of this. I do not like having different groups all cluttered up and me not having much to do with them. I apologize ^^'
Q: Do you role play?
:email: Only with DA Muro. For example, you comment on my profile with a drawing for a friendly conversation, I'll reply back with a drawing. It's really fun for me to roleplay that way. Also, I RP with Official ask accounts of any characters of my interests. c:
Q: Are you really addicted to pie?
:email: LOL! I can't believe people ask me this xD I love pie yes, but I am totally not addicted to it haaha! See I started drawing my Sonic persona, Alex as a pie addict. Once everyone got use to Alex and just became a "thing" LOL
Q: Can I draw your Sonic fan character or persona Alex?
:email: Of course! There's no need to ask I love gifts! >3< She seems to be getting noticed a lot. X)
Q: Do you speak any other language?
:email: Yes I do I. I speak Spanish. Entonces, para los watchers hispánicos, pueden hablar me en español o si estas mas cómodo que ingles. >w<
Q: Will you marry me?
:email: No.
Q: Do you draw other fanart other than Sonic?
:email: Well right now Sonic is my strong point in drawing. However, Sonic isn't the only thing I have in my gallery. I also draw other characters from other games,shows etc. and a little anime.
Q: May I ask for your Facebook or Skype account?
:email: The truth is, I do not have any of those accounts. I use to have Facebook but I took it down for personal reasons. As for Skype...I'm too shy to talk to people ;u; lol. However, if I do get one for whatever reason, I will only let my close friends know about it. I will not give it to any random people for my own protection. Sorry.
♥~Thank you for reading! Here's a cookie! *hands cookie*:biscuit:
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BOO :iconheplz:




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Pink Welcome by YuikoHeartless
Pink Ribbon Bullet by LeSweetiesART~Haihai I'm Alex and I hope my gallery brings your interest! :giggle: Even though drawing is my favorite hobby, I would love to go somewhere farther with it. I'm currently taking computer art and soon animation in college. I wish to become an animator
(or at least a storyboard or concept artist) for a big time corporation such as SEGA Sonic Team, CN,Dreamworks, or Disney and Pixar!.........Pfft, who am I kidding! One can dream right? ://D

Tumblr Bullet by Pastel-BunBun
YouTube Bullet by Pastel-BunBun…

uuugh some guys can be jerks...

Mon Apr 14, 2014, 2:28 PM

:.update.: WAHHHHH  you people are just too kind to a stranger like me!!  ♥ ;V; I would reply to all the comments and notes but that would take a long time but I want you to know that I read all of them!. So I will just thank ALL of you right here! and also want to apologize the way I called myself a "loser" for a guy who didn't care much for me. Sometimes my depression just gets the best of me and makes me say things I don't mean. What touched my heart is all you wonderful people who also have had worse/similar experiences with relationships were comfortable to share this with me and I apologize about your struggles as well! and I wish I can just hug all of you to make you feel better! > v < Also, thanks to the people who gave me helpful links to watch and listen to they were most entertaining and made me giggle! Some comments just put a smile on my face too lol some of you are hilarious~ So, I think after those 3 days, I'm feeling a little better now. Thank you all so much for your kindness and having to put up with me and my personal life lolol! Yup some guys/girls are jerks and they don't deserve us wonderful peeps B-)

OH and I want to thank SegaGoGo for making me this amazing pic ! ;O; omg nothing like wonderful artists/friends here and a positive Sonic that will brighten up your mood! :heart:
Do me a favor and never stop running towards your goals Alex, you will achieve them in due time and that&#039;s a fact.

and I feel like it's all my fault for being a loser! .....This happened 3 days ago and I've been wanting to write a journal about this, but I kept crying myself to sleep...haha. It's just uuughghgh I hate this so much! I don't know what went wrong. I thought he really liked me I mean, HE was the one who remembered me from last semester AND asked for my number. It was going so well just texting each other. The way we text flirted and uuhh other things I should not mention here >///> was all JUST A LIE. I guess he got annoyed when I told him I was busy with things, which I was. and you know what? He wanted me to go over his house, but he lives so far away and the closest train station to get to is a super dangerous neighborhood...and he has a car! We did hang out around campus one time but he wanted MORE than that. To top that off, he doesn't text me. I have to text him in order to get a text back. WTF.

Another thing that might have turned him off was that I told him my major was to become a storyboard artist and concept artist for cartoon companies. He was playfully teasing me that I'm a "baby" for liking cartoons. It did hurt me a little but hey, for some reason I let him off the hook...idk why uugh.

and finally 3 days ago, I saw him with another girl. They were kissing too. I saw him and he saw me, it was sooooo awkward >.<!!! my dumbass texted him thinking "he probably didn't see me" So I texted him "hey" but duh he never replied back. I'm so stupid!

I have been feeling so depressed about this and crying to my mother about all this. I honestly have not idea why I'm still crying when I don't even care about him anymore. I was hypnotized by the lust of thinking that "wow I can't believe this is actually going to happen to me! I can finally experience what is like to have a boyfriend. Holding hands. going on dates, my first kiss!" but no, something has to ruin it. and it's me. He has every right to ditch me with another girl because I'm not meant to be happy with a guy I really like. I am such a loser. yeah I'm "cute" yeah I'm "beautiful" yeah I have a "nice body" but what does that matter? What about my personality? I have guy friends, but they're not the type I find to be "dateable" ya know?

I'm sorry everyone, I just dont' feel like doing anything. Just lying down and crying. I don't even know why anymore! lol You have no idea how crushed I was when I saw him with someone else, like my heart was ripped out my chest (like episode 19 of Kill la Kill >.>)

I don't know anymore :C I'm such a loser who's going to die alone...

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  • Listening to: "They Call me Sonic" I like the upbeat to it ok?


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++++++++++++++++++---LE TOWER OF STAMPZ---++++++++++++++++++

Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
.:PC:. chibiirose by Jessie473SU pixel animated by MRiSonic series hardly cares about the cast anymore.. by Vertekins
why hasnt this stamp been made by mariofan323Cartoon Watcher Stamp by ToonfreakReally, Fandumb Seriously Isn't Always It by endler
Sonic-Boom by YumiRosaSonic's Werehog Transformation Stamp by toni987Sonic Storybook Series Love Stamp by VertekinsRU: STAMP characters by SheirFaggotSUPER SONIC STYLE! by Super-HedgehogSave The Chili Dogs! by Chronic-ShadowPound It (Animated) by Super-HedgehogJunichi Sonic Stamp by darkhyliangirl.:SC:. White Wisp by Wildfor-LifeSonic the Movie Stamp by PFV0-StampTo whiny fans. by ARTic-WeatherChip Stamp by LoveAnimeAndCartoonsSonic Stamp by CriWolfySonic X Stamp by lapraskingIf you insist stamp by MakronetteEggman the Perv Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxSonic Lost Worlds Stamp - 'The Deadly Six' by Super-HedgehogSonic Rolling Back - SLW stamp by Dry-RowseroopaIce King Banana Phone Stamp by amaiawaAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloJake-Children-Stamp by Soraya-MendezDancing Jake :D by Miel110Ahhhhh!!! by clio-mokonaYay B-Mo! Stamp by Kawaii-OkamiPokemon Love Stamp by RiiareiStarter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAll Pokemon Group support by SA948-StampsTeam Rocket Stamp by MarkiSanLucario Stamp by RaikeehSatoshi + Serena Stamp by MaiichuImagination stamp by NamiYamiWander Animated Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudgeCosmo FoP Stamp by smileystampsSteamboat Willie Stamp by PixelBunnyStudio Ghibli Love by Death-SummonerStamp - I love Pixar by CelebrenIthilBilly Joe Cobra by stampsnstuffi love powerpuff girls by 2ikPowerpuff Girls Z Stamp 3 by MaeIHaveSomePepsiThe Gravity Fallen Icon by TaylorHunnGravity Falls: Dipper Stamp by SacredLugiaMabel stamp by ParamourxLightsTangled Love - stamp by Yaraffinitywreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-InkWe Love Elsa by stampsnstuffArmin Stamp by RevivalSnKEren stamp by SuperpluplushRegular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by Zenitystamp :: toon link by kiniesNintendo Fan Stamp I by darkdisciple-stampsMario Bros Stamp by ShinyZangoBob's Burgers by Fyi-SusTeen Titans Go by SunnStampTAWOG Dancing Stamp by The-B-MeisterDHMIS by stampsnstuffKill La Kill by stampsnstuffKill La Kill Stamp by MeepNyanSteven Universe by stampsnstuffCrash Stamp by ShadikalDaxter stamp by HybridAlchemistI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowlove music stamp by Fire-FelineI love sweets by Lizzie-Doodle



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